Some thoughts on Hannah Arendt’s ‘Life of the Mind’

“The need of reason is not inspired by the quest for truth but by the quest for meaning. And truth and meaning are not the same” ~ Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt’s The Life of the Mind turned out to be quite different from what I had imagined it would be. I had underestimated how much […]

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Meditations on Poetry – 2

“We must go back and find a trail on the groundback of the forest and mountain on the slow land;we must begin to circle on the intricate sod.By such wild beginnings without help we may findthe small trail on through the buffalo-bean vines. We must go back with noses and the palms of our hands,and […]

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Meditation on Poetry – 1

Jacaranda, Shirley Kaufman “Because the branches hang down with blossomsfor only a few weeks, lavender clumpsthat let go quicklyand drop to the ground, because the flowers are so delicateeven their motion through the airbruises them,and they lie where they falllike tiny pouches of shriveled skin, because our lives are sagging with marvelsready to fail us,clusters […]

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On Men “Taking a Stand” against wearing Masks during COVID

Much has already been written about the link between masculinity and anti-mask wearing beliefs. In an interview for Mother Jones, political scientist Christina Wolbrecht remarks, for instance, that traditional masculinity and American manhood is built upon an identity and performance of strength, vigor, and health, and a rejection of weakness; it glorifies independence, individual freedom, […]

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Notes on Cancel Culture and White Men

Eva Illouz provides a salient framing of why some men, typically white, heterosexual men may draw on the concepts of “political correctness” and “cancel culture” when faced with feminist based activism to change gender scripts and relationships between men and women. Illouz, in her book, Why Love Hurts, writes: “because femininity is defined, by and […]

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Making Sense of Emotional Abuse in Intimate Heterosexual Relationships

How can (heterosexual and white) men talk about the emotional abuse in intimate relationships that they experience without losing sight of important gender differences? How can we frame what is happening to such men, the emotional and psychological violence they undoubtedly experience, while recognizing the historical, cultural, social, and political context of patriarchy, the inequalities […]

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Grammars of Social Bonding: Between Courtship and Tinder

In her book, The End of Love: A Sociology of Negative Relations, Eva Illouz dedicates one chapter to ‘pre-modern courtship’ and normative certainty, and traces its transformation towards sexual liberation and the collapse of the traditional certainty that courtship rituals enabled. Her book is partly an exploration on how relationships are formed in a context […]

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