The Erotic Life in the World

“One could write a philosophy of beauty using the family of concepts which includes glimpse, glance, touch, taste and whisper, all of which suggest a special style of attention which is patient and reverent, content with a suggestion or a clue and then willing through its own imagination to fill out the invitation to beauty” […]

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If I were to have a daughter, then I would name you Aletheia Several years ago, I read that Aletheia, “before it became “truth” in the limited sense of a correspondence between a proposition and an object of cognition, named being as the primordial movement of “unhiddenness,” being unveiling itself in beings, the darkness of […]

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Vive les fantômes!

“I only met you this morning, but to me you’re already permeated by all sorts of phantom figures”, so Derrida in ‘The Science of Ghosts’. We encounter each other daily, social species who we are. Small talk, deep talk, virtual talk, body talk, no talk. Our interactions range from split second glances to long conversations […]

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Ana’s Poem

Longing visits me once in a while and every time it catches me by surprise, doling out bitter and sweet. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised because a piece of my heart did go with you that day, like a silent traveler, appreciating how you journey through life, so far away. And in longing […]

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