Wrestling with Institutions

Institutions, whether we like them or not, affect our daily lives in many ways. Derived from the Latin word institutum for ‘something designed’, or ‘precept’, the institution is a very fluid term. For example,  Jonathan Turner proposes the following definition:  “a complex of positions, roles, norms and values lodged in particular types of social structures […]

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Politics of the brokenhearted

In his book Healing the Heart of Democracy, Parker Palmer writes that the “politics of our time is the politics of the brokenhearted”. Yes, Mr. Palmer dares to introduce a sentiment as outlandish as  ‘heart-talk’ into the political vocabulary. Politics – the eternal human striving to craft that common life on which we all depend […]

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Re: “The Dictator’s Learning Curve – Inside the Global Battle for Democracy”

William Dobson’s book “The Dictator’s Learning Curve – Inside the Global Battle for Democracy” sets up a global theater full of dichotomy. He sees two opposing forces – the innately power-hungry dictator and co. and the activists hungry for change, that stand out-gunned, oppressed and marginalized – constantly colliding and evolving in their attempts to […]

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Wenn auch nur in einem Traum

 Ich sehe einen Mann, verharrend auf einer Berg Hochebene. Unbewusst des meinigem Daseins, steht er dort. Ein leichter sonnen erwärmter Wind, streichelt behutsam sein Gesicht. Langsam lässt er seinen Blick gleiten, über die sich vor ihm ausdehnende unbekannte Welt. Gierig nimmt er jedes einzelne Detail in sich auf, saugt jedes Bild, jede Farbe und jedes […]

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Taking Interest

Today was just one of those days, a day to let the mind wander and follow patiently wherever it may lead. A day like any other, except that it seemed grey and monotonous. Today my Lebensraum felt very small and rather than feeling a vastness that left room to breathe deeply, limitations appeared to be […]

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Taking Time

In this world of ours, everyone is so incredibly busy. Tik Tok goes the clock! We rush along our daily paths, getting stuff done, accomplishing important tasks, and feeling as if this were the most important thing to do. It seems as if we all have internal schedules keeping us moving on and on, tik […]

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