A Love Poem

let us sit together
for just a little while.
Let us leave this outer world behind
and journey into deeper realms
of spirit and heart and soul.
You and I,
let us find an unpresuming patch of grass
and sit
knee to knee,
face to face.
Let your palms rest on mine
and mine on yours.
Feel the touch,
the aliveness,
the pulse,
the electrifying closeness.
Let us close our eyes
and feel ourselves into one another.
A place of ours
without time and space.
You and I.
Let true connections be born
then and there;
no fear, no holding back.
Let us then open our eyes
and let our gazes rise to meet.
There is beauty here,
and eternity.
Meeting your eyes
is hard at first
but soon
I am lost completely;
A universe unfolds,
ethereal and mysterious.
I am safe.
Let us then guard this moment
and treasure it
and let it give us wings.
From here, stories unfold
and our narratives intertwine
until one final sunset
we sit once again
for just a little while
and leave the world behind,
You and I.


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