Taking Time

In this world of ours, everyone is so incredibly busy. Tik Tok goes the clock! We rush along our daily paths, getting stuff done, accomplishing important tasks, and feeling as if this were the most important thing to do. It seems as if we all have internal schedules keeping us moving on and on, tik tok, you are late, deadlines loom. Slave-driving us into obliviousness. We stress and stress as time slips from our fingers and we chase that elusive “ahh, it’s done” moment. We can relax, sit down, have a drink, and prepare for tomorrow’s list of to-do’s. Ridiculousness!
What gets lost in all of this, is too often, the human element. People barely know each other. We see the other as a blur as we pass one another at lightning speed. Like circling comets, people connect at a distance – gravitational forces keeping us from disappearing altogether – but seldom do we penetrate into the atmosphere. It is a sad affair. We all have so much to offer, are so unique and incredible. And yet, we ask questions like “How are you” by instinct, rarely expecting an answer. Try answering this question with something more than “Fine” and things break down. Awkwardness!

Why is this so? I want to sit down with people and hear their story. I want to listen and understand. Otherwise, what are we doing here? It is so lonely sometimes. We isolate and ignore each other. What are we afraid of? Why do we fear connecting to people?
When it is all over and we sit down on a bench to look at our last sunset, I wonder what we will be thinking about. I would bet anything on this world that it will not be money or the stuff we accumulated over the years. All that falls away over the years. No, our thoughts will be of the people that crossed our paths, the people we didn’t allow close enough, the people we wished we had sat down with to explore life’s questions together.

If our final thoughts are happy ones, then it is because of the people that we connected with, that made us laugh, think, believe, dream, love. If our thoughts are dull and full of despair, then most probably, we were isolated in life. I can imagine nothing worse than leaving this world with such a regret and nothing better than leaving, knowing that I tried to create, birth, develop, shape something real with the people in my life.

And yet, life buzzes on and we, the busy bees, keep on trucking, rarely finding time to take a breath and telling someone in our lives that they matter.


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