In Silence

sun and bike

In silence I discover the self that
too many voices make indefinite
formless and floating and
in silence I hear my body that
too many voices circumscribe to
narrow views of being
and the heart beats slowly
or fast or not at all and we must listen
in humility to our lives
lest they be forgotten or drowned or hidden in
momentum that in unguarded moments
creeps upon our senses and dulls
passions for a being with the other
a being for the other
a being from the self
and in silence I listen to your voice
as you reveal
your truth and your life to
make room for breathing and
when you smile I know its meaning
and respond in kind to offer you my self
for living is a rhythm and energy and often
quiet and unseen
shy perhaps and so
listen! and allow
once in a while
for silence


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