The Fourth Square to the North-East

Ari Lankin


Head over heels I made my entrance cartweeling
through the air that stoically refused to bear my weight as I
flapped like a bird and made a landing – flop – boing – on my nose that
pushed back and there I went bouncing like a rubber ball up back into the air
so that my feet found me standing upright facing nothing really
what was this! and where was I – hoopla – wait but just a minute this was
not what I had signed up to as I departed to venture
forth into adventure but now I stood on an empty
plate and darkness surrounded me so that my limbs shivered
in boredom as I wilted without light calling charmingly out into space
anyone home? they call me Mr and I like to dance so that
I am utterly distraught that I find myself alone after
a graceful landing performed for no one it seems and yet –
suspense – groaning and the plate spun me round and round as it began to extend in                                                                                  space and formed a checkered board on which to my delight appeared not one,                                                                                                 not two but thousands of stars that
spun and sparkled as the space added and multiplied and rose
vertically to grow chairs and tables and a bar and when I blinked and hopped in joy                                                                                        there appeared a door and before I could wonder what it led to there entered a marching band that played
and danced circles around an astonished me – Friends! – I shouted as colors came pouring forth from
their instruments to strut about like lords and ladies before settling on
and splish splash the room became warm and bright and it was my small toe!
that first came to his senses and began to
rock back and forth in rebellion to silence to capture the
rhythm that filled the air and – Ay! – he admonished the rest
to propel them all to movement and
shaking my head I watched my toes – in union now – join forces with the soles of my                                                                                        feet to convince my legs to dance as if there was
Life to be found in joined movement – oh oh oh –
I hummed along as my fingers called out my hips for their rigid stance and dubaba                                                                                            there I found myself swaying and the band changed song to which I yelled
– I know thee! – and began to
croak along and -no no no! – this can’t be whined my ears and refused to listen until                                                                                          my voice began to grate less and soon I
roared and finally propelled sweet melodies from within that found
partnership in? – I am missing something I yelled – and indeed no fellow dancers were                                                                                   close so that need was great for company for
nobody should dance alone and as by magic the air
shivered and spun and rocked so that band and stars and little toes froze in place until                                                                                  -Yes! – people took form and what a delight;
they were small and tall, round and how they smiled to
find themselves born into music
so that soon we all were dancing to the beat of music into
freedom and grace
and my world felt complete but my heart and mind were in concord that still
not all was right and threw me into
wonder and search and looking round I saw her in
the fourth square to the north-east dancing
carefree to silent wonders she experienced
as music entered her limbs to expand a horizon of dreams that I
suddenly wanted to partake in and yet her eyes were closed
and I watched her as my toes continued the dance
like the joyous digits that they happened to be until I stepped forward
towards an unknown mystery and!
my heart trembled as I felt the stars wondering what would
be-come of the journey
towards and the arriving at the fourth square to the north-east where danced
to music, an angel


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