Failure’s ABC

two people shadow

A is for APPLES falling far from and out of grace : hungry break you (down) worms: how-could-you-worms chew and smile

B is for BELONGING not in / on my back (yard): otherwhere : I am outtahere : where do I go? … from here

C is for CRUSHING hard; heart (r)ejected: Rejects practicing cynicism in rounded corners

D is for DEPRESSION rising : Dancing unwell to / with Darkness : this was not supposed to be! me

E is for ELASTIC hearts appeasing winds and bending low : touching ground

F is for FAILURE staring back from hollow eyes reflecting polished surfaces that dare depict and judge

G is for those not-GOOD-enough thoughts: boxed in ascetics whipping hard and drawing blood

H is for HELL in every atomized feeling too large for the grating : I claim HEAVEN in diffraction’s rainbow

I is for IDENTITY questioned unto dust

J is for JUST you, oh! : who were you expecting?

K is for KNUCKLES hitting unwanted knuckles hitting unwanted knuckles : why are you hitting?!

L is for LOVER’S discourses circumscribing me to otherplaces : inauthenticity recognized

M is for a MASTICATING of self : an inside-out disappearance act of mind-then-body : gnawing angst eats me : stop!

N is for long NIGHTS : dreading sleep : no-respite-offering dreams coming slow : turning : turning : churning thoughts that drown

O is for OPENING shaking hands to wave goodbye : departing Deportant : homogenizing the crop

P is for begging you to PLEASE don’t! break down my boundaries : I brittle bruise easily : ouch!

Q is for facing QUESTIONERS’ deconstructing computing : positive positivists : so they willed : so it will be done : Alea iacta est

R is for RESTING places nesting places invaded and upturned : stop the screaming beating noise making : this is home : I can hear a home a crumbling

S is for hating SILENT SCREAMS and I AM SORRY’S : propriety forbids all(ways)

T is for TYGER rage : rage : raging against the dying of the light : cunning delightful little lambs bite hardest from the shadows

U is for U ‘r laughter finding resonance with words and pointing fingers : bridges were not meant to collapse in the wind : it happens : look away

V is for VENDETTA : blood feuds breaking bones : underneath we are all human : don’t you see : me below the surface : I am you (‘re hurt)

W is for WOULD you like a bite? : I share therefore I am : why will you not accept my gift? Cold eyes accept not my offering : I cough their departing dust

X is for XEPTIONAL : don’t ask me where my secret lies : probing eyes tear beauty : scrutinized I vanish

Y is for YES denied : cogito ergo sum : validating-self-thoughts; YES I AM denied : what shall I think? think righteously : pigeonholed, how can they fly?

Z is for ZOOOOM : I am gone : you look you reach you cannot grasp : you know what to do : promise?


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