Ana’s Poem

Longing visits me once in a while and every time it catches me by surprise, doling out bitter and sweet. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised because a piece of my heart did go with you that day, like a silent traveler, appreciating how you journey through life, so far away. And in longing […]

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The Emotional Logic of Law

The Law is a cold monster: it disrupts social bonds, erodes emotional attachments, and imposes an abstract utilitarian rationality (Hart, Scott). But what if such critiques are completely misleading? What if the continuous production of faith and attachment are crucial to the dynamics of the legal system? (Fuller) This essay will argue that patterns of […]

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The Faces of Structural Oppression – Reflections on Paul-Émile d’Entremont’s ‘Last Chance’

‘Last Chance’, a film directed by Paul Emile d’Entremont, gives voice to the struggles of five people who are seeking asylum in Canada. Trudi (Kingston, Jamaica), Carlos (Colombia), Jennifer (Beirut, Lebanon), Zaki (Egypt) and Alvaro Orozco (Nicaragua) have all experienced various degrees of state persecution and everyday acts of physical and psychological violence in their […]

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Masculinities and Violences – an unpublished manuscript

As a prominent masculinities theorist, Kimmel’s ethnography takes hegemonic masculinity to task and, in line with O’Neil‘s (1981) ‘Male Gender Role Conflict’ theory, explores how guys in Guyland understand, experience, embody and act out the tensions of attempting to live up to a particular, inherently unattainable, kind of hegemonic masculinity and its confining, socially constructed […]

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