Ana’s Poem

Longing visits me once in a while and every time

it catches me by surprise, doling out bitter and sweet.

I know that I shouldn’t be surprised because a piece of my heart

did go with you that day, like a silent traveler, appreciating

how you journey through life, so far away. And in longing

I wonder what forms a life lived together could draw and in your smile

that I love and your eyes that sparkle with life,

I sometimes imagine seeing this possibility played out

and I imagine it beautiful, knowing full well that a being together

is full of ups and downs and separation but

in longing, I allow myself to dream both and find that

this dance too is worth every bitter tear. I make of these lines

an offering, my feelings awkwardly put to paper, and know not

where to go from here but knowing full well that tonight

and perhaps one night in the coming years, I would have loved

to dance with you, to hold you, to tell you stories and to listen

to the silence of the stars on the beaches of Barcelona.


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