Après nous, le déluge

“A squirrel, digging for a nut, upends my frail tomato plant and fails to replant it, even though he has the tools. I find this kind of squirrely oblivion everywhere” ~ Thomas Lux, Blue with Collapse “Après nous, le déluge” is a principle that Václav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic, invokes in […]

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There once was LOTUS

A vision that came to fruition, for a brief moment in time, and was shared among a small group of students seeking to be change-makers… this is what they believed, held close to their hearts and worked towards… this then, is a reminder, a memorial, and a challenge to be carried into the future, lest […]

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The wind in the reeds

In his 1992 address to the Academy of Humanities and Political Sciences in Paris, philosopher, writer and politician Václav Havel began as follows: “Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you from a country that waited many long years for its freedom. Allow me to use this opportunity for a brief consideration of the phenomenon of […]

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