Ode to My Father

Every spring, you would plant your young trees, along the roads and fields of the land you once called home. Every summer, they thrived beautifully under your care, a small green life growing wider and taller into the world. Every fall, you wrapped them up in straw and burlap, tucked them in against the cold, […]

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Addressing the Plight of Content Moderators: The Facebook Experience

Should social media behemoths like Facebook be governmentally regulated or can we trust them to self-regulate? The regulation of Facebook engages concerns including safeguarding privacy, threats to democracy, curtailment of freedom of speech and expression, and protection against cyberbullying and child sexual exploitation. In light of the recent use of data analytics for political purposes […]

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Kafka’s Legal Theory

I knew Kafka first as a brilliant and quirky writer before I realized that he had also been a practicing lawyer. It is fortuitous that I found ‘Kafka the lawyer’ when I was going through law school. Perhaps I could learn something from him? How did he experience law school, I wondered, what did his […]

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