By the Sea

On the golden beach, a small crowed had gathered.What else was there to do on days like these.The sun was out, here and there a cloud.   Huddled in groups of twos or threes,you would expect them to talk,today’s gossip, the weather, politics.But no. You see them swaying in the wind,watching, muted.    Nearby, three […]

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Making Sense of Masculine Domination: A tête-à-tête with Pierre Bourdieu

“Symbolic violence is exercised only through an act of knowledge and practical recognition which takes place below the level of the consciousness and will and which gives all its manifestations injunctions, suggestions, seduction, threats, reproaches, orders or calls to order – their ‘hypnotic power’ … The effect of symbolic domination (whether ethnic, gender, cultural or […]

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Right Here

Over and over again, I pace in silent circlesinside my empty, darkened house,disturbing tiny particles of dust that rise, brieflylinger, suspended in air, and fall back to the ground. If silence could speak, it would speak of longing. I catch a glimpse of my face, as I round the corner,abstract image of myself in the […]

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Autumn Days in Alberta

The shadows grow long. Our bodies are becoming fuzzy outlines of darkthat we drag lazily behind us as we walk towards the sinking, orange sun. It is once more late afternoon in Alberta.Empty brown farm fields surround us, stretching far into the distant horizon,interrupted here and there by islands of cinnamon colored trees,abandoned old barns […]

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