Passing People

You are walking through your city.People pass, stream by, move quickly.Are flung into your existence,by chance, a happenstance of fate,fireflies of light they flicker briefly,in these late sunset hours of the day. You try to read their faces,search for the familiar.But they appear to you as ciphers,as scrambled bits of code. And what you can […]

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An Unusual Kind of Monday

Some days when I wake up, I confuse my room for a boat.I am afloat, still warm, and safe under the covers of my bed,inside this tiny wooden crate,so far away from land, adrift on a vast, blue sea. I pull open the curtains, push out the window, and taste the salt in the air.Mist […]

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Cultivating Sexual Character

“But the wind does not stop for my thoughts. It whips across the flooded gravel pits drumming up waves on their waters that glint hard and metallic in the night, over the shingle, rustling the dead gorse and skeletal bugloss, running in rivulets through the parched grass – while I sit here in the dark […]

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The Werewolf at Night

Dark was the night, and pungent the smell of rotting flowers, piled high in the corner of the room, still wet from this morning’s rain.Every night he gathered them, carried them home, and watched them wilt and fade away by day. It was quiet, except for the wind playing in the trees, a soothing lullaby […]

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