On Cars in Winter

Cars are violent.This is what I knowduring those quiet, early morningswhen I walk in falling snow overbridges among trees and over water,when I am overtaken left and rightby mechanical howling creaturesthrusting noise and darkened air out into the world. At crossroads, I stand and wait for the light to turnsee them waiting impatiently in my […]

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They Swept Across this Land

Homeless men and homeless womendragging homeless Gods in rattling chainsleapt out of wooden sea-battle tested boatsand threw themselves into their abandonment. Unwanted overflow dripping out of crowded hostile citiesthey spilled upon this “empty” land in frantic searchpursuing with crazed abandon the mysterious unknowingretreating everywhere before their stumbling, careless feet. Wave after wavethey swept across the […]

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Shadow Lets Go

Dear X, Today I received your letter, carefully dated, and beautifully signed. I was on my way to the living room, when I saw you in the garden, a thick brown envelope in your hands. I watched you, as you let it slide through your fingers and slip into the grass beneath the large willow […]

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Some Days

On that morning—sitting in his kitchen, with toast, eggs,and the smell of roasted coffee in the air,absent-mindedly scanning the news on his phone,election politics, war in a distant, desert nation,more about climate change and how it was already too late,while light filtered in, uninvited, through the thin white, curtain,the one with the grey stripes that […]

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