Running Ever Since

I have been running and running and running and still I have not found them all. Scattered, they linger in places unknown that wait for discovery; at least this is what they tell me. I have found some here and there, some high, some low and gathered them all and the more I found, the […]

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Sometimes I daydream of lying beside you. The specifics of where and why are – unimportant. I am drawn to the calm and serenity that shares our space And invoke a gentle sunlight that trickles in through the half-closed curtains To produce flowing shadow art on wall, bed and our naked bodies. I see grey, […]

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Failure’s ABC

A is for APPLES falling far from and out of grace : hungry break you (down) worms: how-could-you-worms chew and smile B is for BELONGING not in / on my back (yard): otherwhere : I am outtahere : where do I go? … from here C is for CRUSHING hard; heart (r)ejected: Rejects practicing cynicism […]

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What if you were a rhizome

What if you were a rhizome and your subterranean roots a prolific arising and emanating, a gradual and persistent moving forming vast cavernous spaces in a deep dark underground. What if you were a rhizome and every part of you connected to every other part of you, co-existing, co-habitating, co-immanent, reducible neither to one nor […]

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In Silence

In silence I discover the self that too many voices make indefinite formless and floating and in silence I hear my body that too many voices circumscribe to narrow views of being human and the heart beats slowly or fast or not at all and we must listen in humility to our lives lest they […]

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Wenn auch nur in einem Traum

 Ich sehe einen Mann, verharrend auf einer Berg Hochebene. Unbewusst des meinigem Daseins, steht er dort. Ein leichter sonnen erwärmter Wind, streichelt behutsam sein Gesicht. Langsam lässt er seinen Blick gleiten, über die sich vor ihm ausdehnende unbekannte Welt. Gierig nimmt er jedes einzelne Detail in sich auf, saugt jedes Bild, jede Farbe und jedes […]

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